Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday!

Here is the list of veggies that we are going to be selling this Saturday. I added all the prices for your convenience. :) (I will try to update our produce every Thursday)
Basil: $1.50/bunch
Italian green beans: $1.00/lb
Eggplant: $1.00/each
Yellow squash: $2.00/basket
Cucumbers: $2.00/basket

Squash flowers: $2.50/container
Red leaf: $2.00/head
Romain: $2.00/head
Bib: $1.00/head
Kale: $2.00/ bunch

Comment if you like our
Orange blossom tomatoes: $2.50/lb
We also have-
Free range eggs: $3.00/dozen
Potatoes: $2.00/2.5lbs
Red radishes: $1.50/bunch
Daikon radishes: $1.50/bunch

Please come see us!

Please note: We may not have everything that you see here for sale. Some of them we don't know
if they will be ready for sale until
that morning.

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  1. Wow, that all looks really good! I'm sorry we missed this week. :\