Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Friday!

I hope that you have had a great week! Sorry that I didn't get a chance to write a post for last week, but sometimes we don't know if we are going to the market until Friday night, and by that time I have no time to write a post. :} I will try to do better in the future! :)

And here I am again to let you all know what we will have tomorrow!

~Bok-choy (by the head)~

~Gourmet mix lettuce (by the  bunch)~

~Bib lettuce (by the head)~

~Amethyst Basil (cut)~

~Swiss chard (a bunch)~

~Italian basil (cut)~

~Cilantro (by the plant -or- cut)~

~Parsley (by the plant -or- cut)~

~Dill (by the plant)~

~Escarole (by the head)~

~Whole wheat Bread (home ground wheat)~

~Cinnamon buns~

We also have Peanutbutter bars! :)
(sorry I don't have a picture of them)


Chocolate chip Banana Bread
Sticky Gingerbread!

(I will try to get pictures for these next week)

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