Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

I am very sorry that I didn't do a post last week, and that we didn't end up going to the market, and I hope it didn't inconvenience any of you. :\ Last week was a pretty busy one, and in all the excitement I forgot to let you all know that we wouldn't be at the market.... =}

But we are going to be there tomorrow! We are starting to get back up and running with lettuce, and we are going to have some this week! It won't be a lot, as most of the lettuce is small, and it takes longer for them to grow in the heat, so get to the market early if you would like some! :D
We also have jams this week: Earl Grey Peach, Black (tea) Lemon Strawberry, and Chai Pear! So stop by and try some!
We are also featuring Sand Pears this week! Our pear tree has been reluctant to share its fruit this year, but we were patient and now they are all ripe! Sand Pears are excellent for making jams, pies, and tarts, and are more of a baking pear, but we all love them plain too! :)
 Hope to see you all there! =)

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