Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Friday!

I hope you have all had an amazing week! :)
Our lettuce is growing beautifully with this cooler weather, as well as other yummy veggies!
Tomorrow we shall have: greenleaf, bib, escarole, a bit of fennel (I think), watercress, and kale. =)

As for the baked goods, with the change of seasons there will be a change in recipes. This week I have been going over my fall recipes, and I am planning on having some new baked goodies next week! :)
Tomorrow we will have: cinnamon buns, mocha chocolate cake, hummingbird cake, brownies, lemon pound cake, etc. We will also have one new fall treat this week: apple-cinnamon swirl muffins! :)

Hope to see you all at the market tomorrow! :D

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  1. Hey Miller family! Great to meet you all this Saturday at the Palafox market.
    I picked up some crushed oyster shells to buffer out the Ph in my system, thanks for the tip George! Love the video on YouTube showing off the greenhouse. Best of luck to you all. Any chance of getting a tour sometime?